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Freedom Aquatics 2019 Swim Clinics 

All clinics are conducted under the tutelage and guidance of


These Swim Clinics will include:

  • Technique development for all four strokes using specially designed drills that have been developed and implemented through the Freedom Aquatics Technique Excellence Program

  • Start and Flip Turn Improvement

  • Race Strategies and Mental Preparation

The following is a brief description of what will be covered at each of our clinics:


May 19th - Technique Elements: Breakouts and Turns. Stroke: Butterfly 


June 2nd - Technique Elements: Breakouts, Flipturns and Finishes. Stroke: Backstroke 


June 9th - Technique Elements: Pullouts and Turns. Stroke: Breaststroke


June 16th - Technique Elements: Breakouts, Flipturns and Finishes. Stroke: Freestyle


June 30th - Technique Elements: Starts and Breakouts/Pull Outs for all 4 competitive Strokes.



In addition we are implementing a new procedure:


When necessary, some swimmers may be asked to move to either a lower or higher level group "independent" of their age at the coach/instructors discretion. This desicion will be made based solely on the swimmers ability and technique level. An email/Text message notification will be sent to their families offering either earlier or later clinics 24-48 hours prior to the clinic.

Payment Options: Debit/Credit Card or ACH Bank Draft.


Location: Poly Prep Country Day School Swimming Pool.  9216 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11228