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Technique Development

   Technique Development Program is available for swimmers who successfully completed our Learn to Swim Program and would like to receive a base knowledge of all four competitive strokes and technique elements. This Program is a great foundation for any swimmer who either would like to enjoy the beauty of becoming a lap swimmer or get to the level of becoming a competitive swimmer.

Novice Prep Classes

                 Team Prep Practices

  • Our Practices are 40-60 minutes long

  • Ages: 5 - 10 and 11 and Over

  • Systematic teaching approach



  • Novice Prep (40 min)

  • Pre-Competitive (60 min)

  • Private Lessons (45 min or 60 min)

At the end of each session Time Trials (special evaluation) might be offered for all swimmers

Novice Prep is our entry level group for future swimmers 6-10 years old with no prior competitive team experience. Novice Prep is one step away from the Competitive Level. Future swimmers will be introduced to all four strokes and they will be prepared for Novice - next Team level group through our structured "Technique Excellence" drill program. No meets are required for this group.

Pre-Competitive Classes

Pre-Competitive is our entry level team group for swimmers ages 9 and over. Swimmers will train for promotion to either a Junior or Senior level group based on their age and abilities.

Athletes will be introduced to proper techniques for all four competitive strokes including starts and turns. Through our structured "Technique Excellence" drill program swimmers will find a comfort and confidence in the water. Swimmers will be invited to participate in swimming competitions once they are ready, but no meets are required for this group

Expectations and Requirements: swimmers should have a good knowledge of all four competitive strokes, starts and turns in order to be moved up to the next level.

Private Classes

Semi-Private Classes

*Swimmer(s) Assigned to certain Day(s) a week. Swimmer will be billed for the number of classes per session.

**Based on availability. Must be scheduled through the office. No Make Ups or Credits/Refunds for missed classes.


No Make Ups or Credits/Refunds for missed classes.


$70 Annual Registration Fee Must Be Paid prior to your first class for every swimmer.